The Day I Went a Huntin' - Children's Book Illustration Contest!

All are welcome to The Day I Went a Huntin’ – Children’s Book Illustration Contest! We are excited to see your talent! 

Free Easy Entry! Just download the above PDF booklet, Illustrate and Submit! Easy!!!

Third place $100! 

Second place $200! 

Winner $1,000 and will be listed as the illustrator of the book! 


  1. You must submit a minimum of one (1) original illustration for entry. 
    • Objective #1 (Page 3: Favorite Scene) is required. Objectives #2 & 3 are encouraged, but not required. 
    • Contestants who submit an illustration for all three objectives will be reviewed first and given more consideration. 
  2. All entries must be complete and submitted via email to by July, 31st 2021. 
  3. All illustrations must be original! You must be the artist, and it must be your original work. 
  4. All illustrations must be family friendly and appropriate. By submitting your illustrations, you give us (The C2 Incident) permission to share or use those initial submissions and illustrations on our website or on any other social media. 
  5. Any art medium is acceptable. 
  6. Entry is Free and all ages are welcome and encouraged from any region! 
  7. Sign up for our email list to get notified immediately when winners are selected! (Not required) 
  8. Minimum of ten (10) contestants required for contest judgment or deadline will be extended. 
  9. The winner will be notified via email, posted on our website and other social media and will receive a $300 initial payment for labor, supplies and pre-payment for mailing of physical original (a digital copy must be complete and approved prior to shipping original). All pages including front cover page, all story pages, and back cover page (13 total pages minimum) must be submitted via email (Scanned at a minimum of 300 DPI full size) with release of usage rights and a portrait picture of the illustrator to by one (1) month after award/commission notification to receive the remaining $700 award. Additional time may be considered if communicated early if required. If digital submission is not received by agreed deadline, $100 per week will be deducted from final payment if active communication is maintained. If there is no response within one week of final deadline, the first place will be disqualified, and the second-place winner will be commissioned and given a one-month deadline from their initial notification of award.   
  10. Final illustrations must match quality of initial submission by winner and must pass final inspection to receive final payment. Requirements for redrawing some or all pages will be avoided but may be required if quality standard set by initial submission are not met. We reserve the right to disqualify any contestant and associated reward at any time for any reason. Our intent is to find and reward an honest, hardworking, creative individual and not encourage cheating or any other adverse behavior. 
  11. This is a Work for Hire – Ownership of work and usage rights for use of illustrations for printing, marketing, and sale must be legally transferred to receive final payment. For minors: Parents or guardians must be willing to transfer usage rights and must be prepared to receive payment via check or PayPal. 
  12. Optional sub objective: add some hidden objects for children to look for on each page! (This objective is strongly encouraged will be strongly considered!) 

We understand this contest may not be for everyone, but is intended to give opportunity to those who would like to be involved. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and look forward to seeing your talent and please, have fun!

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