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I Am Yours (Joyful Demo) - The Music Of

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Copyright 2020 David Taylor All Rights Reserved

This is the Music to the third track the Lord Shine Mercy. A original song concept written by Jordan Taylor first recorded on The LORD That Heals You demo Album. The all original album was the first to be published by David Taylor and his family. Although now working on 2 full length albums, it is still nice to hear how much was written, recorded and produced in only a few short months after the near fatal car accident testimony.


I Am Yours (Joyful)
The C2 Incident ©2018-19
Vs 1:
I am thankful!
I wanna Say,
“I Love You Father!”
In Every Way! (X2)
I am yours! I am Yours!
You are Mine! You are Mine!
I am Yo'-ors!
You are Mine! (X2)
Vs 2:
I am Joyful!
I want to Say,
“I Love you father!”
In every Way! (X2)
Bridge 1:
I love you LORD! I Love you LORD (X3)
Let your Love fill the Earth! Let your Love fill the Earth!
I praise you LORD! I praise you LORD (X3)
Let your Joy fill the Earth! Let your Joy fill the Earth!
Vs 2 (again)
Vs 3:
I am Grateful!
I wanna say,
“I thank you Father!”
In Every Way!