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We really appreciate your visit today, and look forward to sharing with you all the music God has given us! Our music may vary from quiet peaceful piano, string or guitar instrumentals to energetic band compositions. We hope to share more with you soon, but be patient as the productions take a lot of time and we aren't very seasoned on any part of the process. Come check out our new stuff soon! 

Please feel free to leave us some feedback on how we can improve or serve you better. 

John the Baptizer

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The C2 Incident

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Proclaim! Hebraic Music Festival 2021, Hornick, Iowa

We are Joining all the wonderful groups and individuals at Proclaim Hebraic Music Festival this Year! We look forward to seeing our friends and meeting new people! This year we will share many more of our favorite original songs!

Proclaim Music Festival 2020!

Friends of The C2 Incident

Concert in the PARKing lot 2020

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The Baa Baa Song

The LORD That Heals You (Demo)

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