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The Music of LORD Shine Mercy (Demo)

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Copyright 2020 David Taylor All Rights Reserved


Lord Shine Mercy
The C2 Incident ©2019
1:05: Refrain:
Lord shine Mercy (x3)
Through the atmosphere to here. (Repeat Chorus)
1:36 Verse 1: Psalm 51
I have made mistakes
I have done you wrong since the day I was born.
Don’t force me away from your presence,
You make me feel safe
2:09: Refrain
2:40 Verse 2: Psalm 56
I put my trust in you
Your word I praise
I am not afraid
What can flesh do
You already rescued me from death
3:12 Bridge: Scripture Read with Refrain and Chorus
And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in
the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of
his heart were only evil continually. Genesis 6:5
The LORD was sorry that he had made Man on the earth,
and he was heartbroken. Genesis 6:6
So he said, "I will wipe off the face of the earth these
humans I created...I'm sorry that I made them." Genesis 6:7
Come out…, my people, so that you do not participate in
her sins and suffer from any of her plagues." Rev 18:4
…people were eating, drinking, and getting married... Mat 24:38
They were not aware of what was happening until the
Destruction Hit…Mat 24:39/Luke 17:28
People were…buying and selling,
planting and building. Luke 17:28
Remember Lot's wife! Luke 17:32
Those who try to save their lives will lose them,
and those who lose their lives will save them. Luke 17:33
…This is how it will be when the Son of Man comes again. Mat 24:39
There will be a lot of misery at that time, a kind of misery that has not
happened from the beginning of the world until now and will certainly
never happen again. Mat 24:21
But God shows mercy to his people. He
forgave their sin and did not destroy them. Many times he held back his
anger and restrained his fury. Psalms 78:38
God Remembered they were
flesh; a wind that goes and does not return. Psalms 78:39
4:16 Verse 3: Psalm 57
O God,
In You I find safety
In the shadow of your wings, I'm Home
Until these storms pass by,
I'll cry, to you most High!
4:48 Refrain
5:21: Refrain + Chorus B1 & B2
Chorus B1
O give thanks
God of gods
Lord of lords
His mercy endures forever!
Chorus B2
O Give Thanks
To the Lord
He is Good
And his mercy endures forever