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The Music of The LORD That Heals You (Demo)

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Copyright 2020 David Taylor All Rights Reserved

The Music to The LORD That Heals You, the fourth and title song on the Demo album. Dust covered the guitars, bass, mixing board, and various basic studio gear as David peered at the pile with a deep Hopelessness. This is where he was only weeks before the accident. Somehow, and only by the power of God did that pile of gear begin to be dusted off and set in order. For a little more history, David overall has received little to no formal training on instrumentation, song writing, audio engineering, production, and publishing. Isn't it written? With God we can do all things! With limited resources, David began to piece together what resembled more and more like a studio suitable for documentation of inspiration.


The LORD That Heals You
The C2 Incident ©2019
Verse 1:
Someone woke this morning; their body wracked in pain.
To another; sorrow, feeling so alone again
To another its addictions, that hunger never leaves!
No help, no friend, no answer, left alone to grieve
In the darkness, if you listen, there's a quiet voice so near.
In your emptiness and sorrow; Hear the voice coming clear!
Like a wave upon the seashore; coming time and time again
I am the Lord that cures you, I am the Lord that comforts.
I am the Lord that fills you, your Lord, Healer and Friend.
Verse 2:
It is written the ancients who all suffered much the same.
Feeling loss of friends and family, no control, and feeling pain.
But in time they saw the answer though for them was hard to view
The great promise God had given: "I'm the LORD that heals you"
There is healing in HIS wings, there is power in HIS blood!i
Its Jesus' Name that you are stronger as HIS love comes like a flood!
All you need to do is just ask HIM, lean on HIM your faithful friend!
HE will take: your pain, sorrow, and hunger! HE will end your suffering!