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Powerful (Demo) - The Music Of

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Copyright 2020 David Taylor All Rights Reserved

The Music of Powerful. The fifth song on The LORD That Heals You demo album. This song really presented a lot of challenges along the way as it grew larger than anything David had undertaken. The mixing was impossible with his level of experience. Although not all playing all at once, and some tracts muted as a "scratch" track, the channel count on the digital mixer went over 90 tracks. God revealed to David how to Group sections, mix within the group and then mix the groups together for the final mix. Compression and EQ's were still quite a challenge, but overall a reasonable attempt for the level of experience came through.
If you listen closely to the bridge leading into the final chorus, the instruments are contributing to the story soundscape playing out that you may not have caught if we don't point them out.
The percussion teams would be split as a snare drum line, the drum set drummer, and percussionist with unconventional tools.
During the Bridge, as the lyrics quote: "Like a lamb led for the slaughter, not a word would come from him"...the drum line can be heard playing a death march, the drum set bass drum can be heard playing his heartbeat and the cymbals contribute to the terrible affliction He received, and the percussionist is using a whip and on the last three beats, strikes a very large nail into a large board.
David added a personal touch at this critical moment when the world seemed to come crashing down. There is a screech of tires and a sound of a car wreck, similar to the duration and sound of his car accident when David feels like part of his flesh died that will not return. None of us would be saved without Christ's sacrifice, and This music would not be telling the story if the accident didn't change the path of David's life.
After "The moment when He Died," the Drum line transition into a fleet of galloping horses carrying Christ and the heavenly armies to save God's people from the adversary and destruction, the drum set now represents the clash of His fiery sword and various impact through the battle. It is an epic battle against the worst things we can imagine, but He is POWERFUL!


The C2 Incident ©02-24-19
Verse 1: Amos 3:7; Isaiah 7:14; Isaiah 9:6
The Father through His prophets declared that He would come.
Isaiah cried a virgin would conceive and bare a Son.
A mighty King and Counselor a Holy Prince of Peace.
Immanuel the Mighty God. His Messiah gives release.
Refrain: Hebrews 2:14
He is powerful!
His blood is powerful!
He reigns! All-powerful!
To heal us with His Peace!
Verse 2: Isaiah 53:5
Isaiah saw Him suffer and he wrote what he did see.
He was wounded for transgressions, bruised for iniquity;
He was a man of sorrow surrounded by deceit.
Our chastisement was upon Him, that He might give us peace!
Bridge: Isaiah 53: 7 & 10
Like a Lamb led up for slaughter, not a word would come from Him!
Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise Him, He was offered for our sin!
The Father's will exacted; being beaten, crucified!
The chains of hell were shattered at the moment when He died!
This made Him…
He is so Powerful!
His blood is powerful!
Forever He reigns!
And He reigns!
And He shall reign forever, and ever, and ever,
And ever, and ever,
He Came to heal us with His Peace!
And ever, and ever, and He shall reign forever, and ever and ever…
And ever, and ever,
His Love is powerful!
And ever, and ever,
And He reigns!
And He shall reign forever, and ever, and ever,
And ever, and ever,
He came to heal us with His Peace!
And ever, and ever! And He shall reign forever more…
The Word went out before us.
And that work is done.
The Father through His prophets, now,
declare that He will come!